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overturn, tip above, tump in excess of, convert above - switch from an upright or usual situation; "The massive vase overturned"; "The canoe tumped over"

fig uses the sight of everything food items rather turned my belly → beim Anblick des vielen Essens drehte sich mir regelrecht der Magen um; without turning a hair → ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken; good results has turned his head → der Erfolg ist ihm zu Kopf gestiegen; she appears to have turned his head → sie scheint ihm den Kopf verdreht zu haben; she will however transform a couple of heads → die Leute schauen sich immer noch nach ihr um; to show 1’s hand to anything → sich an etw (dat) → versuchen; she turned her hand to cooking → sie versuchte sich im Kochen; he can flip his hand to everything → er kann alles, er ist sehr geschickt ? corner

commutate - reverse the way of (an alternating electric powered present-day) Each individual fifty percent cycle so as to make a unidirectional present

three. To start out working or lead to to start out functioning: The car's motor turned more than. The starter could not convert the motor over.

convert - channel a person's notice, fascination, imagined, or awareness towards or far from something; "The pedophile turned to boys for fulfillment"; "individuals transform to mysticism for the transform of the millennium"

the revolving Portion of a record-player on which the file rests when it really is staying performed. He put An additional history on the turntable so that people could dance for the new music. draaitafel, platespeler مِنْضَدَه دَوّارَه диск prato do gira-discos talíř der Plattenteller pladetallerken περιστρεφόμενη βάση του πικάπ plato, giradiscos grammofoni pöördketas گردونه levylautanen platine פַּטִיפוֹן गोल घूमने वाला प्लेटफ़ार्म जिस पर से इंजनों को घुमाया जाता है gramofon lemeztányér tempat piringan plötuspilari piatto 回転盤 회전반 patefono diskas patafona disks piring putar platenspelerdreieskivetalerz څرخیدونکی prato do gira-discos placă (de pick-up) вертушка tanier (gramofónu) gramofon obrtni most skivtallrik จานหมุนของเครื่องเล่นแผ่นเสียง döner tabla (唱機的)轉盤 опорний диск; програвач موڑنے والا چکر chơi lại, quay lại được (唱机的)转盘

CCP 1013: “…The support is finish at the time in the deposit, but any period of notice and any ideal or duty to perform any act or make any reaction in just any time period or over a day specified once the services of your doc, which time frame or date is prescribed by statute or rule of courtroom, shall be prolonged five calendar times, upon support by mail, When the position of address as well as the place of mailing is in the Point out of California, 10 calendar days if both the put of mailing or perhaps the spot of deal with is exterior the Point out of California but inside The usa, and 20 calendar days if possibly the put of mailing or perhaps the put of address is outdoors The usa.”

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sixteen. To cause to act or go against; make antagonistic: The scandal turned public feeling versus the candidate.

roll, change around - move by turning about or rotating; "The child rolled down the hill"; "transform more than with your remaining aspect"

efficiency, public presentation - a spectacular or musical enjoyment; "they listened to ten distinctive performances"; "the Participate in ran for one hundred performances"; "the Recurrent performances with the symphony testify to its acceptance"

flip - a time for Operating (after which you'll be relieved by another person); "It is really my go"; "a spell of labor"

convert close to, reversal - turning within an opposite way or situation; "the reversal from the impression within the lens"

= transform of way in look at these guys highway → Kurve file; (Activity) → Wende file; Be careful for a pointy convert inside the street → move auf, wo die Straße eine scharfe Kurve macht; take the still left-hand switch → biegen Sie inbound links ab; “no left flip” → „Linksabbiegen verboten“; to help make a flip on the still left (driver, car) → nach hyperlinks abbiegen; (road also) → eine Linkskurve machen; to generate a convert to port (Naut) → nach Backbord abdrehen; the Canadian swimmer designed the greater convert → der kanadische Schwimmer wendete besser; he will get his horse to create a really tight turn → er wendet sein Pferd sehr eng ? on the turn (= modifying) the leaves are within the change → die Blätter werden gelb; the tide is within the flip (lit) → die Ebbe/Flut setzt ein, die See ist im Stau (spec); their fortunes could be to the convert → ihr Glück könnte sich wandeln; the overall economy is about the switch → die Wirtschaft steht vor einem Umschwung ? to take a flip (for) factors took a change for the better/the even worse check that → die Dinge wendeten sich zum Guten/zum Schlechten; the individual took a transform for your worse/the greater → das Befinden des Patienten wendete sich zum Schlechteren/zum Besseren; points took a whole new change → die Dinge nahmen eine neue Wendung; occasions took a tragic switch → die Dinge nahmen einen tragischen or verhängnisvollen Verlauf ? change of + noun in the turn with the century → um die Jahrhundertwende; for the turn of your 18th century → an der or um die Wende des eighteen.

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